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Lecturer of the Year

Good teachers are the key to good education. Each year, students at all UvA faculties benefit from the talents of inspiring, helpful and enthusiastic lecturers. That is why the UvA, the Student Council and the ASVA Student Union annually present the Lecturer of the Year award.

Students have one week to nominate their favourite lecturer for the title of Lecturer of the Year. The students are asked to add a personal motivation for their nomination. These nomination messages are collected and sent to the lecturers in question.

Weighting mechanism

A weighting mechanism has been developed that takes into account a number of factors such as the size of the study programme, and the number of students, lecturers and nominees. This is applied to the votes, resulting in a winner for each of the faculties.

Faculty winners

The faculty winners will then be judged by a jury consisting of students from all faculties. The winning Lecturer of the Year will be announced during the official opening of the academic year. During that coming academic year, the elected Lecturer of the Year will serve as an ambassador for good teaching and education at the University of Amsterdam.

Faculty winners 2017

Four of the six faculty winners read the students out loud and find out what the students really think them. This video was part of the 2017 opening of the academic year ceremony.

Previous winners

Previous winners of the UvA Lecturer of the Year include Joris Marée, Mieke Mulder, Jan Maarseveen ,Gerben Moerman, Sander Bais, Peter Starreveld, Mathieu de Bakker and Maria Bonaria Urban.

The 'Lecturer of the Year' elections have been held in this current format since 2007. Prior to this, winners were chosen by a jury comprised of three lecturers and two students.